are you singing the blues?

are you a little bit sleepy? have your days and nights turned into one continuous adventure that leave your senses blurred? do you feel a wee bit guilty making baby watch his video for the (you fill in the blank)th time today? (but let's face it, you do need both hands to go to the toilet every now and then, so don't feel too bad about that one) are you tired of deciding whether or not to tuck your muffin top in when you finally get dressed? did you mistake what appeared to be a lone highlight growing out in reverse fashion for what is in fact your first grey hair ever?

if you can identify at all, do not despair. i have just the answer for beating these doldrums! wait for it...where did it go?! it must be buried under one of my piles of laundry. after the cleaning fairy comes, she'll post it for me on the fridge and then i'll share it with you. i think it has something to do with the end always justifying the means or something or nothing.


teething bites!

have you seen this fiend? we're offering a reward for his capture. he needs to be chained up and returned from whence he came. beware the teething monster! he creeps into alec's crib at night and interrupts sweet sleep with shrieks and tears (just when we finally got him sleeping through the night!) and he keeps him awake all day with constant drooling and biting as we teeter on the edge between smiles and hysteria. you know its bad when even milk can't even chase away the blues.

alec is teething and we aren't used to seeing him cry because he's always been such a laid back baby. i know, this too shall pass. but does it really take 2 whole years for all their teeth to arrive?!

ps...this isn't really a fiendish monster. it's uncle winston, our siameezer, caught mid-yawn by andy.


non-fat or fat free?

have you ever been having a lovely lunch on an unseasonably warm afternoon with the people you love the most only to be bothered by someone talking nonsense a little too loudly from the next table? well i have. before the woman beside us paused to come up for air, she commented to her friend (whose voice i never heard) "if you want to lose weight you should eat non-fat yoghurt rather than fat free." now i'm so confused! what should i be eating? which would you choose, non-fat or fat free?
while this chatter was a bit perplexing, i thought who cares- this sweet baby loves me!